“Room Art , Surge in Spring” , MAC, Birmingham , 27th April 

“Alexander Rhys” , Melting Pot ,Birmingham , 24th May 

“The Culture” , The Crib ,Birmingham ,  31st May

“Kaya Gallery” , Plymouth  


“Cash is King” , Saatchi Gallery ,London, UK 31st July - 8th September 
Brittany, France 26th July - 30th July 2019

Frichez Nous la Paix Gallery, Paris 16th - 30th November

Landscape/Room Art Exhibition , Stryx Birmingham UK 6th July
Hogarth Health Club, Chiswick, UK 1st July - 30th September
Chit Chaat Chi, London UK 1st July - 30th September

Tsukiyo to Syonen, Ashiya, Japan 23rd April - 30th June 
Hotel Indigo, Kensington London, UK

Occupied - Stryx ,Birmingham, UK

Tomorrow's Store - Central London, UK.
Now - Stryx ,Birmingham, UK.

Room Art - Birmingham, UK.

Tilt - Birmingham, UK.
Room Art - Birmingham, UK.

Wolverhampton Lighthouse Gallery - Wolverhampton, UK.
The Birmingham Midlands Art Center - Birmingham, UK.

Minerva Gallery - Bath Spa, UK.
The Chapel - Bath Spa, UK.

Works also published in North America and the Netherlands.
@BabMag. Issue Four. Winter 2016 Front cover.

@Birmingham Living Magazine.October 2017

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